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Need some sweet audio? :D

2012-10-03 11:20:44 by BombadeerStudios

Hey Newgrounds!

M'name's Liz, I'm the co-owner, sound designer, composer, and creature VO artist at Bombadeer Studios, a new audio company designed to provide you with original, high-quality audio at great prices.
Take a listen to our demo and hear the quality of our work for yourself!

Our prices are super reasonable:I offer a variety of package deals and SFX variations are free, so no worries about having to cut corners for the price of annoying repetition.
I work quick: Or so everyone I've ever worked with has been pleasantly surprised to say. Most indie projects take me around a week for sound design.
I'm highly organized:Each new project immediately gets a google doc spreadsheet soundlist, shared with you so you can help fill out and keep track of all the audio for your game, and finished assets are delivered via an organized shared folder in dropbox.

For loads more sample materials for everything from music, voice acting, creatures, vehicles, ambiance, and more, check out our Website!

If you like what you're hearing, get in touch!
No matter your budget, I'd love to hear from you.

Our latest (sound design) projects:
Liran's Lab by Entity Games, just released for iOS!
Wayward Terran Frontier, 'a game about space ships!'
Dungeon Fodder,
Xardov's 'Dragon', where eating crispy knights is socially acceptable.
Dungeon Fodder, an early-in-development game by Nepik

(Side note - if any music of other stuff sounds familiar, it's because this is my professional studio, but I am also known as 'The Lizard of Odd' and have a profile here on Newgrounds as that name as well.)

Need some sweet audio? :D


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